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The menu at Trattoria Sant’Agostino offers a wide selection of dishes that reflect the Florentine culinary tradition. From the famous Florentine steak, cooked to perfection and served with a side dish of fresh seasonal vegetables, to the game-based specialties, each dish is a tribute to Tuscan cuisine.

Attention to detail and a passion for excellence also extend to the selection of wines. An extensive wine list offers a careful selection of local and national labels, selected to best accompany the dishes on offer. Wine aficionados will be thrilled to explore the restaurant’s rich cellar, which offers a selection of fine wines and special vintages.

In addition to the extraordinary culinary experience, Trattoria Sant’Agostino is also an ideal place to host special events. The elegant private rooms are available for business dinners, wedding receptions or other occasions that require a refined setting and impeccable service. The expert staff is able to take care of every detail, ensuring that every event is an unforgettable success.

The Trattoria Sant’Agostino restaurant represents a perfect union between past and present, between tradition and culinary innovation. Its commitment to excellence and authentic hospitality make it a must-see for lovers of good food and unique gastronomic experiences. Whether you are a tourist visiting Florence for the first time or a resident who wants to savor the flavors of his city, Trattoria Sant’Agostino welcomes you with open arms to let you live an unforgettable culinary experience.

Via Santagost’Agostino 23/r – Ang Via Maffia

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